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Jaime´house @Volkstheater Wien, Steirischer Herbst, Uppsala shortfilmfestival, Frauenfilmfestival Köln/Dortmund, saasfee Frankfurt

We are invited to create a 22h radio show for the Capital of Culture Esch, Luxembourg.
Gavois Klöfkorn are two artists with a visual approach to sound and radio.   
Walking in sound.  

We start in our studio at the end of the new Silk Road.   
Do you hear the picture ¿                                  

“residency for soundart” Tilburg NL Summer 2022

We are super excited to announce the radio show Do you hear this picture ¿

– a musical radio piece made from soundchecks
broadcasted September 1, 14:00 – September 2, 12:00 CET,

Please join us at Radio Art Zone, where you can stream the show. There will also be a live chat room during the full show (kindly provided by ∏Node) on the front page of Radio Art Zone, where everybody is welcome to mingle in.  SEE THE EXACT TIMETABLE BELOW! 🙂
We will be in Esch-Zur Alzette, during these days so please let us know if you are around to meet up. There is a public welcoming at the studio at Bridderhaus, 1, rue Léon Metz, L-4238 Esch-sur-Alzette

Thursday: 16-19h
Friday: 10-12h

Looking forward to seeing you again!


Marie and Michel

If you are into fragmented sounds, unfinished pieces of music, musicians tuning their instruments, adapting their style to a room (tone), preparing themselves to face another audience , sometimes nervous and tense or excited, funny or drunk, playful and highly concentrated, who are all great artists, and you consider sound checks themselves musical works…

Then you are going to love: Gavois Klöfkorn‘s presentation of a musical radio piece made from soundchecks; an intimate glance behind the scenes, another angle on music-making and concerts from over 70 soundchecks by bands, ensembles, musicians, artists, and composers.

Making use of the microphones like others would use video cameras; Gavois and Klöfkorn carefully choose what to record, and time when and how they change the angles and physical perspectives of their recordings. Picking up details like fingers drumming on the keyboard of an organ, or the sound of a pick flicking across the strings of an un-plugged electric guitar, seagulls attacking trombones, and other ambient sounds merging and complimenting the acoustic environment beyond the instruments and musicians.  

The recordings were made at more than 70 soundchecks by bands of all kind, in venues from; open air festivals, pedestrian tunnels, boats, punk clubs and concert halls. Across Europe in D, B, NL, SE.

Broadcasting timetable.

September 1, CET

14:00 _Blanco Teta 

14:16 _Schlammpeitziger

14:20 _Sascha Brosamer

14:45 _De Stoeltjes

14:56 _Stina Fors 

15:10 _Moral Bombing _ Cryptborn Horror

15:27 _Tintin Patrone

15:33 _Converge 

16:13 _ Leslie Graves_ Toby Goodshank _ Ben James Wood_ Boo Hoo 

16:33 _Sofia Jernberg & Resonanz Ensemble

17:17 _Mouse on Mars

18:06 _Rotterdam Presenta

18:36 _Les Marquises

19:00 _Lightning Bolt 

19:30 _Laila Sakini

19:53 _The Bat Effect_ Rym Nouioua & Sascha Brosamer

20:11 _Moor Mother_ Olof Melander

20:31 _Nuances d’engrais_ SexToysNoise

20:43 _Fatigue Suspecte 

21:00 _Horse Lords 

21:21 _Das Kinn _ Hildegard von Binge Drinking

22:23 _J. Zunz 

23:04 _Dezeffe _ Moineau Ecarlate _ Somaticae_ Stakattak

September 2 CET

00:01 _ Begayér _ Sourdure

01:02 _ Rosa Vertov

01:35 _ Zbigniew Chojnacki

01:53 _ Nika Son

02:17 _ Tolouse Lowtrax

02:36 _ Deutzer Brücke 

03_01 _ Julia Bünnagel


03:37 _ Bloedneus & de Snuitkever

03:45 _ There Are No More Four Seasons

03:57 _ Marc Alberto_ João Orecchia

04:19 _ Planet Maus

05:10 _ Hard Rock Festival

05:56 _ Wedding Party

06:30 _ Panda Fort

06:23 _ Daniel Voigt

06:54 _ Echo Ho

07:01 _ Senyawa 

07:22 _ Arrington d’Dionyso

07:44 _ Quartabé

08:13 _ Achim Zepezauer 

08:22 _ Maria Portugal_ Udo Moll _ Luis Negron

09:05 _ Hard Boiled Wonderland

09:32 _ Midi

09:45 _ Nina de Heney_  Isidora Edwards_ Frauke Berg_ Timo Hein

10:09 _ RE _Loré Lixenberg, George Kentros, Mattias Petersson

10:21 _ Tintin Patrone

10:28 _ Joss Turnbull _ Sharif Sehnaoui

10:43 _ Seppe Gebroeurs

11:00 _ Ståle Storløkken

11:23 _ Duma

°°°°° Thank you, all artists, organizers, bookers;

Intonal Malmö, Roberto N’ Peyre_Fylkingen Stockholm, Tommy De Nys_Kultur-A Liége, Federico Zanatta_ Swamp Bookings, Joe Hatt_ Qu Junktions, Gavin Maycroft_Fasching Stockholm, Schumannhalle Düsseldorf,  Wolfgang van Ackeren_Lokal Harmonie Duisburg,  Bla Bonn, Sebastian Schwenk_Moers Festival, Casper Munk Engelund _MS Stubnitz Hamburg, _Tinnitus Fastival, az Mülheim an der Ruhr, Torsten Kauke/ Georg Klein_Waggon Offenbach am Main, Soundtripps NRW,_Salon des Amateurs, Achim Zepezauer _Mex Appeal Dortmund, LOCH Wuppertal, Resonanz Ensemble _Resonanzraum Hamburg, Monheim Triennale, Philharmonie Harleen, _the crew at OCCII Amsterdam, Peter Daems _Het Bos Antwerpen, Pavilion for Unheard Music Eindhoven, Yvonne McLean, _Dock Zuid Tilburg, Musikgebouw, Amsterdam, Thea of Gifgrond Tilburg, Reiner Komers, Johanna Yasirra-Kluhs, Meryem Erkus _Ebertplatzkonzert Cologne, Dennis Tyfus_Bruismelk Festival De Nor Antwerpen, Halffloor, Volker Zander_Brückenmusik Köln, Stefan Schneider _Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, ∏Node, Federico Zanatta_ Swamp Bookings.


playlist 1999



funded by Brückenstipendium 2021

Wir kommen und gucken uns die neue Straßenbahnlinie an

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