Parking lot stories#2

Jaime´house @Volkstheater Wien, Steirischer Herbst, Uppsala shortfilmfestival, Frauenfilmfestival Köln/Dortmund, saasfee Frankfurt

We are invited to create a 22h radio show for the Capital of Culture Esch, Luxembourg.
Gavois Klöfkorn are two artists with a visual approach to sound and radio.   
Walking in sound.  
We try to schedule our slot for Radio Art Zone according to local time zones around the world, CET, AST, AEST, FET..! Wake up in New York at 2pm Esch time, to go to sleep an hour later in Jakarta.  We have conversations around the world about passport stories together with a shark watching drone pilot in Australia, a dancer in Belarus and a transgender studies lecturer in Stockholm just to mention some. We speak German, Swedish, English and French. Our mindsets are like strollers in endless suburbia. Our eyes are woke and we try to be alert.
A supermarket fridge buzzing like locusts, or a tram in a traffic jam slowly crawling over a harbour bridge, the sound of industry zippers, 67 meters, interrupting a speech on economy, squeaking car tires meet an opera singer, spoken word,   every day we are brushing our teeth against fascism, sounds of  wet newspaper spread out on the pavement. Do you hear the picture¿
Effortlessly we move between wildsounds, dialogues and musical compositions.
We start in our studio at the end of the new Silk Road.   
Do you hear the picture ¿                                  

playlist 1999

funded by Brückenstipendium 2021

Wir kommen und gucken uns die neue Straßenbahnlinie an

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